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Just another Day


Today I just found out how to get the photos from my camera to the computer so i'll run now threw the house and take pictures I just were biking with my family. It was fun! The droe with the car to a lake got on our bikes with two other families who live in the neigborhood and bike threw the wood. After five minutes it began to rain. It was about 94 degrees Farenheit and so this rain was so good. It was like taking a shower. We so an amazing rainbow touching the ground on both sides.  
Now I'm back here again.

We were buying my school uniforms. White or blue shirts and brown trousers. The marhets here are much more bigger than in Germany. We were at a building supply market... It was 2 or 3 times bigger than our markets in Tuebingen.

So now I'll try to upload some pictures to show you my house.

27.8.07 02:01

The first Day

OK, one thing I do know... I love this family! The first thing is the house... it's as big as our house if the used both decks, maybe even biggger. They got an icemaker and anotherone in the fridge, a big TV, a golf car with which we drove threw the neighborhood. The two boys with whom you can play playstation or do things outside. A big swimming pool in a club to which the got with the golfcar. my Hostmother who's 1. a very good mother and cook 2. a very liberal women in the conservative neighborhood. the my beautiful hostfather and mia the 2 years old cold which looks that cute and starts to cry when she doesn't get something. And crizzy, a gld redriver, just a nice dog. The food i'm eating crepes in the morning hamburgers in the noon and noodels to dinner. after dinner we played a strategy game, I love it. You have to get away all you're puzzle pieces. 

Today I met two girls who probably will be in my grade. So they told me about the dress codes. My hostparents bought me things for the school uniform.

I could tell you that much things, but I dont know whats most intersting and i'm very tired. So i'l just end here and write more tommorow

I'ts feeling like home here


26.8.07 06:13

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